What Makes Escape Room Games So Appealing?

Being trapped inside a locked room may not seem like a fun way to spend the day, but assuming the fictive role of a prisoner trying to escape from a theatrical room while dealing with a series of unforeseen circumstances can be pretty entertaining, to say the least! Popular in many countries and among people of different ages, escape room games offer participants a safe and affordable kind of adrenaline rush and an exciting new way of testing out their limits towards the ultimate goal: escape the room before the allotted time runs out.

Unique setups and the immersive experience

You don’t have to deal with the expenses of traveling to get away from your usual surroundings. You don’t have to take up extreme sports to get out of your comfort zone. And if you’re an avid gamer or you simply like to unwind in your free time cracking a code puzzle, even better! Guests of a well-designed escape room can experience all that and more, and possibly give their friends on social media a reason to be jealous. People love a good simulation and they also get a feeling of wellbeing when they achieve a goal, so it shouldn’t take anyone by surprise that escape room games are so appealing.

Escape rooms provide the opportunity to experience adventures and explore environments similar to video games. Some real-life puzzle games replicate award-winning movies and shows, and they incorporate 3D and life-size objects, special sound and lighting effects and even smells that stimulate the senses and make the experience as realistic as possible.

What’s also highly entertaining about participating to a game escape is the opportunity to role-play and explore the room as various characters such as prisoners, captives, apprentices, explorers, tomb raiders, detectives, and so on.

People are drawn to exploring and visiting new places, going on adventures, living someone else’s life for a day. Escape central grants their wish by creating a real-life fantasy which can take place in all sorts of mysterious environments such as an old cell, an archeological site, a tomb, a haunted castle or an enchanted forest.

The excitement and sense of urgency

There is a 60-minute time limit to an escape room game which gives an accelerated feel to the whole experience, an exciting sense of pressure and the altered perception you’re having a major role to play in an event of massive proportions. This general impression keeps players on their toes and constantly motivates them to push back their limits. For the same reason, most participants tend to repeat the experience, some yearning the thrills that come with a new room, others choosing the same room in the attempt to improve their performances and timing.

The social circumstances

With today’s technological advancements, we spend more time communicating with one another through a screen and less time socializing face to face. Escape room games bring people together and having spent an hour in the same context, dealing with the same problems and working towards the same goal, many decide to casually recap and discuss the experience over a glass or two.

People like a good mystery and it’s captivating for some to watch others react to the challenges outlined by the scenario. Joining forces to combat an obstacle provides relief and enhances the mood, and also gives players the satisfaction of a collective achievement everyone can be proud of.

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